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 With  over  4000  years of  history  and  folklore.

  It is highly regarded in Chinese  Medicine as The  King Of  Herbs




Advanced  Nutrition

At Reliv,
we take nutrition science seriously.
Our scientists combine advanced research,
leading-edge manufacturing and
laboratory technologies, and rigorous testing
to create
   Uniquely Effective Formulas.

2013 has been an exciting year here at Reliv,
and we look forward to ending the year strong.
Not only are we celebrating the 25thAnniversary of Reliv

Just a few months ago, Reliv International entered into an agreement with Soy Labs,
LLC to acquire the exclusive rights to the nutritional ingredient
lunasin, the world's first epigenetic
With the acquisition of lunasin, we are now leading the industry in the emerging field of nutritional
New research shows that through nutrition, people can influence the way genes work in our bodies.
Reliv's epigenetic nutritional solutions give you a breakthrough new way to take control of your health.


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 Active  Ingredients
                           :Magnesium  carbonate
                           :Calcium  hydrogen  phosphate

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The  Great Cancer  Scam
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Pertinent information
from the past that's
vitally important today.
Despite the controversy
Vitamin B17

Especially when a
cure is discovered,

the documented success from its usage should be considered.

Nature’s Cancer Prevention – Vitamin B17 Have you ever heard of vitamin B17? Maybe you have heard of its other name – Laetrile. Americans cannot access vitamin B17 because the FDA took it off the market in the 1970s, and removed it from the B-Complex vitamins. It is unlawful for any health practitioner to administer this vitamin to patients. Apricot seeds are the best source for B17, but they have also been removed from the shelves of every health food store and natural market throughout the USA. Limited research has been conducted on vitamin B17 since 1977. Once it was banned, it was forgotten. According to research from years ago, provided by nutritionists and medical scientists, vitamin B17 is a natural cyanide-containing compound that gives up its cyanide content only in the presence of a particular enzyme group called beta glucosidase or glucuronidase. Miraculously, this enzyme group is found almost exclusively in cancer cells. If found elsewhere in the body, it is accompanied by greater quantities of another enzyme, rhodanese, which has the ability to disable the cyanide and convert it into completely harmless substances. Cancer tissues do not have this protecting enzyme. So, according to past scientific knowledge, cancer cells are faced with a double threat: the presence of one enzyme exposing them to cyanide, while the absence of another enzyme found in all other normal cells results in the cancer’s failure to detoxify itself. Leave it to nature to provide a form of cyanide that can naturally destroy a cancer cell. The cancer cells that are unable to withstand the cyanide are destroyed, while the non-cancerous cells are not threatened by the cyanide, and, therefore, remain unharmed. Never underestimate the body’s potential! Read more:

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